Both PCFILT and S/FILSYN are furnished with extensive handbooks which describe in detail all of the capabilities of each program. The menus built into each program package lead the user through many steps and possible variations. In addition, the manuals include hands-on examples, showing how many types of filters can be designed. The programs and manuals, however, are not always substitutes for an in-depth understanding of filter theory, of the range of components which can be achieved in practice, or for the subtleties and nuances of filter design achieved through years of practical experience.

ALK Engineering will arrange for consulting services in the form of actual designs to customer specifications, and the conducting of tutorials slanted toward the solution of actual and typical problems. In addition to the PCFILT and S/FILSYN packages, our consulting facilities include a complete proprietary set of design and analysis programs and special routines, in the APL language, which are very useful in data reduction, manipulation and combination of tabular results, and performance prediction for your specific needs.

ALK Engineering's three principal consultants together have broad and deep experience in all phases of filter theory and practical design, which can be put to use on specific problems, at conventional consulting rates.

* Albert J. Klappenberger *

Having been promoted all the way from bench technician to lumped component product line engineer at K&L Microwave, he has unique experience with the real-world application of most lumped component filter designs commonly used in production hardware. As the principal author of the PCFILT filter design program, he also has considerable experience in the application of theoretical designs to these requirements and in the development of related computer software. His principal area of expertise is lumped component filter and multiplexer designs in the 100 to 2000 MHz. frequency range.

Rates: $150 for the first hour and $50 / hour for each additional hour.

* William B. Lurie *

From 1941 to 1961, before specializing in filters, Bill Lurie gained experience in numerous fields of mathematics, physics, and electronics. From 1961 to 1969 he was Chief Engineer for the country's largest independent lumped-constant filter manufacturer. Since then he has been an independent consultant on filters, and his proprietary software package is the only one written in the versatile, flexible, APL language. His published articles and papers run from 1948 to 1994.

With sadness we annouce Bill's passing on the morning of May 6, 2013.

* Dr. George Szentirmai *

Dr. Szentirmai, though officially retired, is available on a part time basis for special requirements and to support his S/FILSYN filter design program when needed. He is a leading expert in the field of network synthesis, and a former professor of electrical engineering at Cornell University. He also has 16 years experience with Bell Labs to his credit plus a long list of other equally impressive qualifications.

Dr. Sentirmai passed away May 20, 2018.

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