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** Gentle-slope crossover networks **

Gentle-slope networks are what we call the kind of crossovers that have been used in loudspeakers for many years. It's what you are used to listening to. They do have their place when done correctly.

Their advantages are:

* Gentle-slope woofer / squawker networks *

A series of modular woofer to squawker crossover networks has been designed to operate in the Klipschorn, La Scala or Belle Klipsch along with the ES5800 extreme-slope squawker / tweeter network to allow upgrades in easy steps. Five networks are available. Each has conventional 12 dB / octave slopes. These are generally based on the Klipsch AK-3 network woofer filter which is quite good but is missing the components that equalize the "reactance slope" required to provide a constant impedance resistive load to the amplifier. Each network provides the autoformer needed to adjust the level to the squawker. Each is compatible with the 3-wire cable used by the extreme-slope networks to connect the woofer / squawker network module to the squawker / tweeter crossover module making them directly interchangeable with the ES400T, ES500T, ES600T and ES700T extreme-slope networks. A removable strap will also allow 2-way operation. Bi-wiring capability will NOT be included so as to simplify the design keeping costs down.

Download the AP12 series users installation guide (Size: 1 Meg).


Estimate shipping cost

Shipping box: 22 x 17 x 12 Inch. Weight: 21 Lbs (This includes an ES5800 that is usually included)

** Gentle-slope squawker / tweeter networks **


The AP15-xxxx series is the same design as the high frequency section of the Universal network. It is 18 dB / Octave on the tweeter and 12 dB / octave to the squawker and includes the transformer tweeter attenuator. The AP15-6000 is the gentle-slope alternative to the ES5800. Enlarge


These are available for 6000 Hz and 4000 Hz crossover. The 4000 Hz version should not be used with the stock K77 tweeter. The Eliptrac HF horn and B&C DE120 driver is suggested. It is intended for those who are not willing to upgrade the stock K400 squawker horn.

A version having the correct transformer connected to attenuate the squawker in a bi-amp configuration is also available. It will be designated the AP15-6000T.

For more information on bi-amping, look here.

* Should I move the crossover down to 4000 Hz? *

The short answer is NO! Why not? Read more